Thursday, July 16, 2009

House of Horror Anthology: Mausoleum Memoirs

My story "The Inheritance" will be appearing in the new House of Horror Anthology: Mausoleum Memoirs. There is a long list of great writers in this collection including Lori Titus, Bob Eccles, Graeme Reynolds, Charlotte Gledson, LB Goddard and many other talented authors. Proceeds for this creepy tome will help support the Birmingham Childrens Hospital across the sea in the UK. Pre-order your copy here:

House of Horror: Mausoleum Memoirs

Hey, you also get free shipping and a 6x9 card with all of the authors signatures (yep, that's right, a John Hancock from little 'ol me).

I wish editor, S. E. Cox great success in raising money for this very worthy charity.

Oh, and they happen to be a monthly e-zine as well, so get to submitting!

House of Horror


  1. Very nice Angel... you know I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff too, so thanks for the info.

  2. Very cool, Angel. Congrats. I look forward to reading.