Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flashes in the Dark: Angel Zapata Interview

I was recently interviewed by horror author and editor, Lori Titus over on Flashes in the Dark. For those of you unaware of this great horror e-zine, it happens to be one of the preeminent sites for Horror Flash Fiction. Every Sunday, they feature an interview with either an editor or horror writer, and today it’s my turn. Stop by and get a glimpse into why I do what I do. If you miss it today, look for it in the right hand column under "Recent Posts."

Flashes in the Dark

They are also hosting The Summer Chiller Contest from August 1st, 2009 - September 22, 2009. All stories MUST employ some sort of summertime theme! Per their guidelines, “For the Summer Chiller, we will accept stories of 1,200 words, a slight bump up from our usual limit of 1,000 words.” Click the link below for further details.

Flashes in the Dark: The Summer Chiller Contest


  1. great stuff here angel - super recognition for your stellar writes...

  2. Great interview, Angel! I left a comment over there. Tell them to fix your link, though. They forgot the . before blogspot. :)

    May you get lots of new followers from it.

  3. A horror writer who writes Shakespearean sonnets and encourages his ninjas to read about Haunted Underwear and Zombie butts? You're awesome, buddy.

    The honesty with yourself and your dedication to the integrity of the story is what makes you such a great writer.

    Great questions - great answers.

  4. Great questions. Great answers. Great interview!

    I love reading interesting interviews that are both insightful and entertaining, as opposed to those generic cookie-cutter interviews... you know the ones.

    I really enjoy your blog, Mr. Zapata. Great work!


  5. Glad you're getting out there so much. Was it fun being interviewed? Did they do it by phone, IM, telepathy...?

  6. Cheers to you - You look great under that spotlight!

  7. Hi Angel,
    Thanks very much for the kind words about my story, "Seven and Four."

    I have to tell you, that I was a huge nut for Alfred Hitchcock's Three Investigators also... Comics too. (Tintin, Marvel, E.C., etc)

    You might like the sit-down interview I did in BBT Magazine #3 with Joe Hill.

    I've been checking out your writing and am very impressed with your work. You have a new fan!


  8. Great interview, Angel. "God save the Queen" - now there's a tag line. All this and a sharp wit to boot. I hope that Q&A leads to more members in your little padded room here.

  9. Thank you so much, fellow writers. It really is wonderful to share my writing life with people who understand and are driven by the same desires.


    Yes, the interview was conducted via telepathy, and I don't MIND sharing that with you...

  10. Tasty interview. Flashes In The dark was the first place I read one of your stories, I think.