Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Man of Shadows: Available now!

Yep, it's the front cover of my book. Neat, huh? Available at Panic Press and House of Horror. You can pre-order it now via the provided links or in the right column for only £7.99 (shipping has been added into price according to location). Cheap, I know. That's like, uh, you know, uh, let's see, carry the one and subtract or add something or American dollars. Okay, it's actually about $12 plus shipping (thanks, Sam).

Product Description:

The Man of Shadows is a dark collection of twenty-five short horror stories.

It begins with “The Mouth of Babes,” a visceral tale of streetwalkers and addicts, morbid voyeurs, cannibalistic tattoos, and witchcraft. Jimmy only wants another photograph for his online Death Images website. But when his good friend, Steve calls him down to the morgue to see a body with a strange tattoo of a mouth on her abdomen, he learns that sometimes the dead have incurable appetites.

In “Death Reversal,” a grief-stricken wife hopes to resurrect the husband she murdered by making a long distance call to hell.

“The Bridge” pits the superstitious beliefs of the neurotically-challenged, Benson against the very real presence of a modern-day troll.

“Dead Flames” paints us a brief love story between the walking dead.

From the wicked predilections of children to the varied manifestations of evil personified, The Man of Shadows will have you running for the light.


  1. This is shifty. I like. Pen/ink drawings are the best. Can't wait for its release, Z!

  2. Congrats on the book! BE Sure to stop by that way when you get world famous we can say we knew you when.

  3. Very nice blog. I must say, congratulations on the book. I love the cover. It looks pretty cool.

    Draven Ames