Monday, January 10, 2011

The Man of Shadows available for Kindle on

Don't have a Kindle? may need to buy one so you can download yourself a copy of The Man of Shadows for only $4.99 on If you prefer, the print version can be purchased through Panic Press using the link on the right of this page. Of course you can always order both...

I'm saving my pennies now so I can get my own Kindle. Hell, I just realized my Rage of Angel header still says I'm an unpaid writer...I may have to change that...;-)

Hey, and if you enjoy my book, please feel free to leave a review over on Amazon.


  1. Congrats, Angel! I have a Kindle so I'll be snapping this up. Buying a Kindle is worth every penny, especially now that they've come down to $139.

  2. I need to write you a review. Promse to do soon, mista.