Sunday, June 26, 2011

Author, Richard Godwin interviews me over at Chin Wag

Recently I was interviewed by author, Richard Godwin. We had a wonderful time discussing Blake, Wordsworth, Michel Foucault, and cannibals (yes, I was feeling a bit peckish). You can read all about it on his blog Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse.

Not only is Mr. Godwin a true gentleman, but he’s also author of Apostle Rising, a novel author, Vincent Zandri says is “…a noir tour-de-force that will leave you breathless and teary-eyed…” and Crimetime Magazine calls, “…an arresting and cleverly plotted police procedural married to gothic horror and the aesthetics of the slasher genre.”

I am so grateful to have had the privilege of sitting down with this incredible writer. Thanks, Richard!

You can purchase Mr. Godwin’s Apostle Rising here on Amazon.


  1. and a fine interchange it is az..well done i wish you'd have talked more about your poetry which is tremendous..

  2. Enjoyed learning more about a talented wordsmith.

  3. Hey You,
    Amazing interview. He asked you some personal questions and it was neat to see inside the heart and soul, angels and demons of Angel Zapata. Keep being you.

    ~ J

  4. An excellent interview, Angel. I've always wondered, if you were the angel in the demon or the demon in the angel. Just when I've decided, or course, I change it.

    Cheers to your craft, successes, and your future work.

  5. You are more than welcome Angel. Thank you for giving a great interview.