Saturday, July 23, 2011

Absolutely- Kate Pilarcik comes to Georgia!

That's right, the woman behind the veil is no other than Harbinger 33's indomitable force, Absolutely- Kate Pilarcik. She lowered her sails and docked here alongside my home in the peach state. Last night, I had the pleasure to sit down with her and share coffee in the lobby of her hotel.

It's always wild to meet someone you've only corresponded with in the virtual world. You really don't know what to expect. Gotta say, I was impressed.

Our encounter began with a warm hug and a somewhat spiritual assessment of each other's unique energy frequencies. A showdown of wills, so to speak.

I gave her my best hypnotic horror stare and she easily slipped into a jazz note look of surprise. Yes, I know, a bit odd. But our common goal as writers is to bring the weird back… and I think we achieved that. Anywho, this concentrated vibe spawned not only the makings of inspiration, but also a super-critical caffeine crave.

Hell, she even managed to whip out packets of sweetener (Sweet 'n Low, Splenda and Equal) and incorporate them into an improvised pyramid chart of sorts. I got the (Sweet 'n) lowdown on Harbinger 33, discussed up-and-coming writer conferences she'll be attending, and booked a seat on a future Amtrak, mobile writer's symposium. The woman has a wealth of ideas.

I'm so glad I got to meet her and her sweetheart, Matt.

Oh, and in the middle of our conversation her cell phone rings. She answers it, and then says, “Angel, it’s for you.” I was like, “Huh?” Turns out, on the other end of that line was no other than central Florida writer, Harry B. Sanderford himself. How cool is that?

For those of you wanting to learn more about Kate, you can find her lurking in the projectionist’s booth At The Bijou.

Kate, you’re an amazing woman. Maybe next time we’ll meet up at the Waffle House and have ourselves some hashbrowns, smothered and scattered.


  1. Hello, I'm Absolutely*Kate and I endorse this message.

    Actually, my grin is so large my face is hurting and I never wish it to stop. That's why the Harbinger*33 ship was made to launch and the Amtrack writers' stop train will be on all the right tracks, ANGEL ZAPATA is the stuff dreams -- make them sometimes nightmares -- are made of and for. Stories past mere borders called genre . . . intensity that warms the soul and energizes any connection that one feels truly describes ~ "There is no such thing as a coincidence."

    Regarding this remarkable writeup - three things, make that four immediately zoom to mind:

    1. The NY Times , from Angel's hometown before his lovely Georgia peach allured him in a decade ago to all the chapters yet of his own happily ever after called me this morning. They want the guy for all their highest profile reporting and natch, OpEd pieces. I told 'em "Nah, he'll never get used to the heat, be made in the shade and all that jazz, but he's a constant work in amazing progress whose heart and talents are beating in all the right places "... (usually near a Waffle House)

    2. I'm still not sure about the Waffle Houses -- the amazing glint in Angel's deep dark SHINING eyes laughed along with Harry's rumble every time the joint was brought up.

    3. The guy scooped me on the photos, as Prof/Matt and I are still on the road, next to Charleston -- but watch for my story to come. Oh, it's a dilly on this memorable encounter.

    4. I need that uncritical caffeine fix now.
    (And I'll always need one of Angel's hugs - You laugh right into 'em. You somehow feel all this great writer of the south is destined to be.)

    Angel I love 'ya
    And this remembrance harbingers swell.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    Believing in Believers

  2. How awesome for you both! I'll bet that was a strange and lively conversation. ;)

  3. az - you seem to be a magnet for all the virtual buds! what a treat to meet katie on the home turf - the titans embrace!

  4. Happy for you both, a very cool encounter, but So JEALOUS!!!!! Love the pics and the blow-by-blows, and looking forward to AK's rendition. Travel safe, and drink your java. Peace...

  5. In Charlotte airport Monday morn for 25 min between flights MJS -- OR -- wait for the Amtrak Writers-Stop train Linda ... We start as far NE as we can and keep on comin' down the coastline, It's a plan and we gather writers in along the way.

    It can happen. But Linda -- You'd have to walk me through gardens for it to be real . . . and I'd like to be in Charlotte long enough to see some of the soul of Solender culturally reported sites. It WILL happen - in the meantime I spent the evening walking the Battery and all the streets in Pat Conroy's "South of Broad". Magnificent experience doin' Charleston ... but Angel's a magnificent experience too. He brings back the weird ... which is a real good thing.

    Java will be drunk. There's a former restaurant's coffee press maker where I'm staying with friends now. Robust be writers and adventurers. (My story still to come)

  6. Two of my favorite bloggers! Excellent stuff.

  7. Sounds like you had a right-good-fantastical-great time! :)

  8. AWESOME! You guys looked like you had a blast!

  9. Horror dude & K*te collide-- love the middle pic! Sounds like lively conversation & splenda fun. You must be in a central area, Ang. You get to meet alotta cool writer peeps!