Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Durable Goods Issue #60: Pronunciation

Several months ago I was asked by the amazing poet/editor, Aleathia Drehmer, to submit work for Durable Goods. I'm happy to report my poem, Pronunciation, and poems by Craig Scott and Joseph Gant appeared in Issue #60. Per the blog, "Durable Goods is a print micro-zine that is sent all over the United States and several places internationally as well. It features 2-3 writers an issue that have been invited to participate. This publication remains invitation only. This zine was set up to rekindle the idea of human connection and to retain the romance of the printed word in an age when everything is going digital. Durable Goods is lucky enough to have collaborative distro with many fine print zines that can be found in the Durable Writers section or in the blogs themselves. Please support these small press publishers. Buy books. We love books!!!"

Get a hold of this sweet, little mag and don't let go. The latest issue of Durable Goods, #64, is out now!

Thank you, Aleathia!