Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bradburyesque Quarterly: Halloween, 2032

The inaugural issue of the Bradburyesque Quarterly was launched today. Writer and Editor, Scathe meic Beorh, has put together a collection of stories and poems “dedicated to the great master” Ray Bradbury. The Autumn 2012 issue collects work from Ron Yungul, Jim Clinch, Scathe meic Beorh, Ben Thomas, Michael Lee, John Grey, and me with my story, “Halloween, 2032." Read the first issue here.

Submissions are open for the Winter 2012 issue (November 2nd publication date). Scathe says, “Send your best stories to Bradburyesque Quarterly. Stories you think Ray Bradbury himself would love to read. Stories you think he may have wanted to write. Stories he may have collected as a boy growing up in Waukegan, in Tucson, in Los Angeles. Stories he would cherish, talk about, be inspired by.” The full guidelines can be found here.


  1. That one still gives me the shivers. Subtle eeriness built up perfectly to the end, something that Ray would have definitely liked.
    Congrats on the publication, Angel. And the Morpheus Tales one too. Whoa, what a cover!