Monday, October 1, 2012

Penny Fiction at From the Depths

Haunted Waters Press has released their latest issue of From the Depths. This is a very slick online horror magazine. Do yourself a favor and plunge into its bloody pages.

They also include a Penny Fiction microflash feature in every issue. The Fall 2012 Issue showcases 13-word horror stories. I’m thrilled to report my story, After Lovemaking, was one of the chosen tales.

Many thanks to editors Susan Warren Utley and Penny Dreadful. Guidelines for open submissions can be found here.


  1. Great looking mag. Love it. And those are thirteen delightfully creepy words, Angel. Always a pleasure to read your work.

  2. Very cool mag, Angel - and a killer short to boot!

  3. Penny is pretty cool. Congrats on the publication.
    New blog, I like.

  4. Congrats on the story inclusion!

  5. Hello Angel. Thank you so much for the kind mention. If anger has anything to do with the quality and style of your writing, be careful what you wish for! We loved your 13 word story. It was the first to make the Top 13 out of almost 400 submissions. Right now, From the Depths is created "for the love of the project," meaning all the hard work and long hours are for the success and promotion of the press, the journal, and our talented group of contributors. We hope one day to be a paying market. When that happens we won't forget the writers who helped us get there. Thank you once again and we hope you will submit in the future.

    Susan Warren Utley
    Editor, Haunted Waters Press