Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Poem: Chasing Philosophy at Red Fez

The December issue of Red Fez just went live! You can find my poem, Chasing Philosophy, listed under the poetry tab. An excerpt:

Per their website, “Red Fez is an artist-run organization determined to publish and promote creative, meaningful and accessible artistic pursuits and collaborations. Our mission is to provide opportunities for writers, artists and musicians to create, promote, publish and profit (in kind, in cash, in notoriety, in backrubs - hey artists will take whatever they can get these days!) from their work; and for readers, art enthusiasts and music fans to discover, connect and support art and artists meaningful and entertaining to them. We believe in accessible art and an accessible artistic community. Red Fez is a melting pot of people interested in creating, sharing and discovering writing, music, art and more.”

Submission guidelines can be found here.

Thank you, Michael Grover and all the staff at Red Fez.

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