Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Open Submissions at Haunted Waters Press and Treehouse Magazine

Haunted Waters Press is currently open for submissions for their From the Depths, Summer 2013 issue. The theme: Conversations. Per their website, The Summer 2013 issue of From the Depths will feature works whose stories revolve around conversations and the sharing of words and ideas. We are looking for elegantly written fiction and poetry where the heart of the story lies within words shared in conversations between lovers, friends, strangers or even enemies. Submissions need not be dialogue driven. Stretch the limits with conversations of unspoken words and thoughts conveyed through actions.  As always, we seek writing that comes from the heart creating an emotional connection with our readers and poetry that is clear, meaningful and accessible. We look forward to reading your work!”

They are also taking submissions for the Penny Fiction: Flash Fiction section of the magazine. These are stories of exactly 42 words. The King of Hearts proclaims that Rule Forty-two is the oldest rule in “the book.” The book, Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, contains forty-two illustrations and the copyright expired forty-two years after publication. Haunted Waters Press editor, Penny Dreadful, is selecting exceptionally small works of flash fiction to be showcased in Penny Fiction, a regular feature of the literary journal, From the Depths.  Extra points will be awarded for entries with a connection to the Summer 2013 theme, and for those writers who adhere to the rules. Not really. There are no points. Just read the contest rules below and impress Penny with your ability to follow instructions.”

Read all the guidelines here.


Treehouse Magazine is hosting its First Annual Treehouse Literary Loot Contest for Unusual Prose! They are “interested in prose that does unusual stuff. In the past we’ve published stories in the form of to-do lists, invisible text with footnotes, survival guides, landlord-tenant correspondence, recipes, and also all kinds of inventive work that was linguistically, but not necessarily structurally, experimental. So if you think your story, essay, prose poem, or genrebender fits the bill, send it our way.”


Prizes include:

1.      A one-year subscription to Barrelhouse
2.      A one-year subscription to Booth
3.      A one-year subscription to Carolina Quarterly
4.      A one-year subscription to Ecotone
5.      Two latest issues from Gigantic
6.      A one-year subscription to Gulf Coast
7.      A one-year subscription to [PANK]
8.      A one-year subscription to REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters


There are many more prizes and incentives offered. You have until April 30th. Read all about it here.

Good luck, writer friends!

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