Monday, May 13, 2013

Weather-Plagued at Necon e-Books

I'm happy to report my story, Weather-Plagued, received an honorable mention at Necon e-Books for their monthly flash fiction contest. It will also be included in their year-end anthology. You can read my story, all the other winning and honorable mentions, and view guidelines here.

They are now accepting submissions for their May contest. The theme is "A Recipe for Horror (Food and Drink)." Per their web page, "This is purposefully another very broad topic — your story must simply center somehow around food or drink (eating, cooking, restaurants, vineyards, distilleries, gardens, grocery shopping, etc.). However, a word of warning in advance — much like the culinary arts, our judges are going to favor "gourmet creativity" over "fast food convenience" when it comes to this theme. In other words, if you take an obvious approach to link food to horror (like cannibalism or zombies eating brains), you better knock our socks off! After all, we published a novel about gourmet canibals (THE EPICURE by Holly Newstein & Ralph W. Bieber, available HERE and also as part of our HAUTALA/NEWSTEIN BUNDLE), so the bar's already been set extremely high! Our standard 100 word count limit applies."

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  1. Wicked little piece Angel! Congrats on the honourable mention. I really like it when the "surprise" is tipped to early on, as it makes the writer really turn it on to pull off the ending - which you did.