Tuesday, June 18, 2013

“Another 100 Horrors” is now available from Cruentus Libri Press!

“Another 100 Horrors” is now available from Cruentus Libri Press in print and for Kindle! 100 writers have contributed horror stories told in exactly 100 words. You can read my tiny tale, “Howl,” within its pages.

Thanks goes out to editor, Kevin G. Bufton.

Also featured is fellow writer, Erin Cole, and her story, “Hide-and-Seek.” If you've never read any of Erin's work, you are missing out on an extremely talented writer. She's author of the mystery novel, "Grave Echoes" and the horror collection "Of the Night." Her work can be found published all over the internet too. You can read her masterful crime story, "7 Seconds," at All Due Respect, for free!


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  1. Praise and recognition from readers and fans is awesome, but it's even cooler when it comes from another writer you look up to. Thanks for the shout.

    Your tale, "Howl," might be tiny, but all that gorgeous prose left a big, bloody print in my mind. Congrats, and always wonderful to share ToC with you.