Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DAYS OF MADNESS 4: HIDDEN HORRORS Now Available for FREE at Smashwords!

DAYS OF MADNESS 4: HIDDEN HORRORS is available now for FREE at Smashwords!

An embalmer with sticky fingers gets a tip that he'll never forget.
Firelight reveals the ghosts of conscience past.
Film noir femmes fatales take on their craziest caper yet in a trip beyond the stars.
Horrors crawl from the kitchen sink, only to find itself a monster among monsters.
And six other stories full of twisting, turning hidden horrors await in Days of Madness 4.

Featuring new stories by Absolutely*Kate, Chris Allinotte, R.S. Bohn, Erin Cole, Park Cooper & Barb Lien, William Davoll, Richard Godwin, Mav Skye, Benjamin Sobieck, Angel Zapata.

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