Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zombies and Tears

Hello. I’m gonna be short and sweet. Got two new pieces up today.

My flash fiction piece, Feed It Some More appears on Nothing To Say for xTx’s brilliant Zombie Summer.

And my poem, The Noise of Her Tears can be found at Every Day Poets.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous poem. Gave it *****.


  2. Hmm... Flesh and rose petals in the same breath. One day I expect this site to sprout teeth and we'll all be in trouble.

  3. Loved that poem. And your zombie story definitely had that Angel slant to it.

    I also liked how both pieces had "imperfect" children in it, because I think there is a flawed child in each of us, still taking in, or devouring, this messed-up, beautiful world.

  4. Angel, you remain a very twisted and prolific writer. Not sure if you're into blog awards, but I nominated you for one at my blog. Take it, or leave it.