Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Devil's Carriage

Halloween is just about a week away. Ghouls and ghosts, witches and goblins are a-comin'. But strangely, my writing has been anything but horror lately. I seem to be writing poetry about birds and love and such. What's that all about? Thought I'd get inspired by checking out some of my favorite horror comics. And Mexico brings us some of the darkest (and raunchiest) art and stories available. Allow me to share some covers with you of one of my favorite titles, El Carruaje Diabolico (The Devil's Carriage). These are Tales from the Crypt type of yarns where just about every issue's final moments have the lead antagonist boarding Satan's horse and carriage to hell.


  1. Damn, that's some creepy-ass worries about the birds and love poems - I think you'll be inspired quite soon, with something dark and sexy! Now I feel better that Mark sent my vampire ms back to me, telling me to tone down the "sexual gratuity"; sex and horror are just delicious together. However, I think you could really scare us by posting one of those gushy poems:)

  2. Dude, why you posting my wedding night pics???

    Seriously those are some major f'd up pieces of artwork. I'm now gonna go order them for moralistic reasons so I can complain about the vulgarity...after I've enjoyed them..

  3. Crazy. That's enough to give you some f'd up nightmares, and badass inspiration.

    I have to admit, I'm intrigued by the thought of Angel Zapata love poems, with birds and hearts and flowers and stuff.

  4. Naughty Zapata. Only yuo wuold be inspired by women rapin demons to wrte love peoms abuot birds.

    Debauchery is in the air..or is tht just yuo? Happy Halloween, Z.