Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Plagiarists are afoot...Let's be the boot in their ass

Writers/editors/fans of the written word,

It’s been over a year since I learned a story I wrote was stolen by a plagiarist and published under his name. Thankfully, the writing community came to bat for me and the unity we all felt was truly unbelievable. We learned a lot. We fought back. And although we couldn’t undo what was done, there was a feeling of triumph in exposing him as a fraud.

But sadly, plagiarism will never go away. Thieves will continue to steal. The best things we can do is support and encourage those victimized by these word thieves, and to keep the community active in spotting these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

There have been some recent cases. I implore each and every one of you to offer your support. Follow the links below.

Angel Zapata

AJ Brown
Plagiarism… It Effects the Family

Ramblings of a Tattooed Head

The Writer and the White Cat
Help Pin the Tail on this Plagiarist

Aaron Polson
On Plagiarists, Fake Names and Other Random Things

Michael Solender over at Not From Here, Are You has provided a link for those interested in protecting your stories through copyright (and it's FREE):

My Free Copyright

I also found a great article on protecting your website articles:

Copyright Website Articles— How to Protect your Work against Plagiarism

If anyone else has any other sites to help protect against plagiarism, please provide that info to me here in the comments section, and I’ll gladly create a link for all to use.


Copyright © 2010 by Angel Zapata


  1. Thanks for the links, Angel! What they're doing doesn't make any sense, but I know they'll continue to be around.

  2. That plagiarist was an utter tool, Angel. Not only for stealing, but also for stealing from some very famous writers. I'm glad you went after the case like you did, and to pursue community awareness.

  3. http://myfreecopyright.com/ offers some "protection" in the event of these outright thefts, I have been using ever since you case broke...and advocate for all. Free and necessary..