Monday, March 7, 2011

Panic Press Kindle/mobi books for only .99 cents!

Panic Press is offering their Kindle/mobi books for only .99 cents. That includes my book, The Man of Shadows. Here’s your chance to own all of their releases for less than $1 each!
Per their site:
Click on your chosen title(s), pay 99 cents and have your chosen title(s) sent straight to your email address. If it is different to the email on your paypal order, then please add the address you wish to have it sent to in the buyers instructions section.
All books are 99 cents. No more, no less!
The Man of Shadows by Angel Zapata
Ashes in her Eyes by Alan Spencer
Scream For Me by Brian Rosenberger
Sins and Tragedies by The Dark Fiction Spotlight
Sustenance by Nate D. Burleigh
Tales from the Dark Path by S.E.COX
Werehouse by Ryan Hunter
Without Notice by Jason Hughes
DEADication Anthology
Mind Rotting Tales by Ken and Kevin L. Jones
Revolution City by Darren James
Pantomime by Robert Essig

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