Wednesday, March 2, 2011

She's Nothing like a Feather When She Falls at In Between Altered States

Episode 10 of Aleathia Drehmer’s In Between Altered States is now live. It features work from Timothy Gager, Len Kuntz, Jeffrey Miller, Mike Whitney, Shawn Misener, Alexandra Brunel, and Justis Mills.

You can also find my flash piece, She’s Nothing like a Feather When She Falls.

They are currently open for subs for Episode 12 based on the prompt: Junkie Nightmares and Hustler Fiends. General guidelines can be found here.

Thanks, Aleathia!


  1. Breathtaking, heartwrenching, poetic genius.It was brilliant.

  2. Brilliant writing. Thanks for coming by and following my blog too!


    Flashquake #Fridayflash

  3. Nice one, Angel. A great piece of writing!