Friday, September 9, 2011

9/11: One Possible Future (a poem)

It’s no longer the cosmic shock
so much like late frost kills early buds;
but rather acceptable sadness,
the realization all leaves fall.

It’s no longer the rhythmic flag sway
(America this, that, or them),
the extravagance of anger
became a cross, a mosque, a scar.

It’s no longer about people—
twin towers are labeled: Data, Debris;
ashes in barrels and potpourri bowls,
such casual causalities.

The ground went from zero to sixty;
clock hands hid seconds, seized time,
shook sand over sleep-swollen eyes—
now nothing more than holiday.

It’s a calendar X, a movie, game—
that’s the cold, hard reality;
check this box to initiate pain
and pilot those ill-fated planes.

Copyright ©2011, Angel Zapata

This poem was inspired by the Poetry Matters Celebration word prompts: Reality check, pain, sadness, shock, anger.


  1. This says much more than it appears to on the surface. I love the last stanza.

  2. I like the message of this. All that tragedy we see on the news is a lot more affecting when it's personal.

  3. This is incredibly powerful. The second stanza, with its final line really got me.

  4. Your poem brings reality down to its core as only you can. Thanks for this.

  5. Striking, Angel.
    The forgetting and the lessening, as natural as it is, still leaves an awkward dissonance between heart and mind.
    Nice take on the prompts too.

  6. I found this quite by accident, and was pleasantly surprised by its sensitivity of tone. The cadence never trips up the theme, or visa-versa. You gots yo'self another follow.

  7. I really appreciate you all offering your feelings on this poem. Just a few months before 9/11, I had relocated to Georgia after living in NYC for 30 years. It's still very painful to think about. I knew people who didn't make it out of those buildings alive.

  8. Thank you. My heart still aches. Prayers still for the families that hurt.

    Happy Friday!


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