Sunday, October 11, 2009

55 A Day, Nanofiction for Nanopeople: Love Story

I got the guest spot up on 55 A Day: Nanofiction for Nanopeople. It's called "Love Story." Editor, Ari Collins has compiled some great micro fiction (what he considers nanofiction). Please stop by, read and support this gem of a site.

55 A Day: Love Story

And for those wondering where I’ve been…yes, I’ve been hiding in my cave.


  1. Great story! You have a cave? How cool! :)

  2. Yeah, caves are cool...wish I could keep the critters out of mine.
    Love the fast and sometimes sharp truth to this one.
    Congrats Angel!

  3. Nice 55 Angel. Caves are good idea generators. Look what Plato did with his.