Sunday, October 4, 2009

House of Horror Call for Submissions

For those of you unaware, at the UK’s House of Horror magazine “There is always something happening in every room of this horror house. Join us for horror stories and poems in the basement, book reviews and interviews in the lounge, macabre models and horrific art in the studio, and bloody romance in the master bedroom.”

I, for one, read their magazine and find the quality of work submitted to be of the highest caliber. They are currently open to submissions for their online magazine:

House of Horrors

AND editor, S.E. Cox has just announced open submissions for their latest anthology, RUTHLESS: An Extreme Shock Horror Collection. From Within These Walls, the HOH blog site:

“We are looking for stories that will shock the reader, make them feel uncomfortable as they read. Give us your sickest, weirdest, craziest stories. The gorier and stranger, the better. That being said, the story still has to be strong. Gore for gores sake will not cut it, but a great story full of gory details is what we are looking for”

For more details, submission guidelines, and other pertinent links, please visit:

Within These Walls: House of Horror blog

House of Horror continues to donate to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, so please support not only the horror community, but a worthy cause as well. House of Horror anthologies and special print editions and can be purchased at their bookstore:

House of Horrors Book Store


  1. Thanks Angel! Hope you have something for us...

  2. Do you still live outside Augusta? I live in Martinez. You'd think I'd run into you by now at the local Bi-Lo, let alone ASU's Sandhills Writers Conference, open mic nights, etc.