Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Negative Suck: The Animals Want to Drive…

Writer, and now editor extraordinaire, Jeffrey Callico (aka wiredwriter) has the virgin issue of Negative Suck up for your viewing pleasure. You can find my poem The Animals Want to Drive, but I Can’t Find my Keys wandering about its non-sucking pages.

Negative Suck: The Animals Want to Drive, but I Can’t Find my Keys

A huge congrats to Mr. Callico! After sinking your teeth into his negative suck-fest, drop by his blog:

What is but may not be

And a shout out to my pal, Jodi MacArthur whose art is also featured.


  1. a most innovative and wild piece. nicely done, AZ.

  2. This is risky, bizarre and oddly enough, extremely sexy. Perfect for Negative Suck. Awesome work as always. Thanks for the shout out, buddy.

  3. A very delectable piece indeed Angel. Loved the 'animalistic drive' to it.

  4. Your work is always awesome, Angel. I can't imagine what I'll be thinking the next time I see an elephant.

  5. You've managed to combine sensuality, a zoo-like ripeness, and a dreamy confusion into this amusing poem, Angel.

    Nice trees, Jodi.