Thursday, December 17, 2009

NYC Midnight Tweet me a Story: The Semi-Finals

I registered for the NYC Midnight Tweet me a Story Contest a few hours before the deadline last week. Basically, at 7pm the next evening they provided a key word (my word assignment was Produce) and every writer had until 11:59pm the same night to enter up to three, 140-character stories. They would then narrow down the entries to the Top 25 and put them up for reader vote. Both my stories made it into the Top 25 of my category, which puts me as a contender for the finals.

My request is to stop by, and if you like either or both, please vote for me. My stories begin, “She squeezed the tomato” and “His experimental pesticides had worked.”

The NYC Midnight Tweet me a Story Contest

Thanks in advance, fellow writers and readers.


  1. You have my vote! My three are in round 19, starting "She knew how to make an old man", "We watched as the attack" and "It was a vicious and unprovoked". Just in case you fancy returning the favour :) Link here:

  2. Those were great! I voted. Especially liked the 'experimental pesticides'. I'll be closely monitoring the behavior in the produce aisle.

  3. I enjoyed them both, and voted. Good luck, Angel.

  4. I like the tomato one best. Voted for both. Brilliant as always. Good luck, buddy!

  5. Great brevity and use of words. I also voted. Good luck, sir...

  6. Carnivorous always produce the goods, ha!
    Good luck.