Monday, July 26, 2010

Clarity of Night: Diamond in the Rough

My Clarity of Night Contest entry, Diamond in the Rough has been posted by contest host, Jason Evans. Feel free to read and leave comments.

There’s still time to view the picture prompt and create a 250 word flash piece for submission. The deadline is 10:00pm, this Wednesday, July 28th. There are seven place prizes including a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card.

Entries can be found here and contest rules here.


  1. Your story at Clarity of Night had a lasting impression on me. I liked what you did with that last scene; how simple, yet darker, it appeared. Not all treasures are about "happy discoveries."

  2. Very tight and spare Angel. Cool.
    - Sean

  3. This is unrelated, but HOWL is up for a Covey Cover award at
    Hope you get a chance to check it out and maybe vote. :)

  4. Hi! There's an award waiting for you at Randomities. I hope you won't mind the color. ;P

  5. This is related:) Good luck, lots of good entries again - you know yours is one of them.