Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flashes in the Dark: The Hired Hand

My entry, The Hired Hand for the Flashes in the Dark Resurrection Contest can be found here. Use the Authors drop down bar (select category) and select Resurrection for all the entries submitted for this contest. There have been some brilliant stories created by many talented writers.

My continued gratitude to editors Lori Titus and Robert Eccles.


  1. Excellent story, as I've come to expect. No pressure. ;)

  2. You're very welcome, Angel! Bob and I are always happy to see your stories cross our respective in-boxes. :)

  3. I wish this could be your profession bar none, Angel and I mean that. You've got IT. You would be (are) right up there with the best sellers.

    I've read so many books lately, and they don't hold a flame to the magic you create.

  4. Great story Angel! Congrats on the publishment! Sorry I'm a little late with this... but thanks for the entertainment!