Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Reading Recommendations (11/9): 3 Featured Writers

Twelve Steampunk Sonnets by Roz Kaveney, published at Tor. These beautifully-crafted sonnets blew my mind. You better believe I was inspired to create my own.

An Otherwise Quiet Planet by Erin Entrada Kelly, published at the author’s blog. This is a delightfully lighthearted story about weirdo neighbors. Funny thing: sometimes we’re the weirdo neighbor.

The World in Rubber, Soft and Malleable by Aaron Polson, published at A Fly in Amber. This is a quietly creeping tale of adolescence and loss. It was published a few years back, but I only recently stumbled upon it. I also did not know Aaron lost his wife earlier this year. He’s confronting the pain as we writers often do, through the written word. Read his genuinely honest outpourings on his website. My heart goes out to him and his children.

If you like what you read, please make sure you let these talented writers know.


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