Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Reading Recommendations: 3 Featured Writers

Thought I’d take a moment to share links to some recent favorite reads of mine. These stories are intense and do not disappoint.

Judith of the Lions by R.S. Bohn, published at Three-Lobe Burning Eye. This beautifully apocalyptic story is truly haunting and tears at the heart.

7 Seconds by Erin Cole, published at All Due Respect. You are going to love how Erin captures so much gritty action in a second by second portrait of terror.

Thirsty? by Jennifer Ripley, published at Every Day Fiction. It’s a nasty little zombie tale that’s stomach-churning yet satisfying on the palate.

If you like what you read, make sure you let these talented writers know.


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  1. Hey, thanks Angel. Honestly, I was a little nervous to publish 7 Seconds. That was one story that demanded to be written in the wee hours and started out for my eyes only, so I wasn't sure how daylight eyes were going to take it ; ]

    I read Rebecca's story a little while ago, and loved it. She's an awesome writer, and I just read Jennifer's story - very well written, loved that too, of course, with zombie-like deformities and dark hallways, doesn't get much better, unless one is shoeless, so I must add yours to the list: Lost Soles.
    Take care, and thanks again-