Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Absent Willow Review: Two Poems

The Absent Willow Review has published their latest issue which happens to include two of my poems, Dreams of the Scarlet Blossom and The Little Pyromaniac. The editors are committed to producing quality horror fiction and poetry. For those of you wanting to delve into horror short stories (between 2,000 – 8,000) vs. flash fiction, this is definitely the site for you.

Familiar names like K.C. Ball, Jodi MacArthur, and Lucien E. G. Spelman have appeared in its pages. They are open to submissions, so dust off those manuscripts.

The Absent Willow Review


  1. Great poems, Angel! The portent of The Little Pyromaniac is terrifying. :)

  2. Damn, Angel. I really can't say enough about your writing. Every piece leaves me breathless.

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  4. Going over to read it now...sure hope the little pyro isn't yours!
    Sometimes I call my son Dexter =]

  5. Your word choice is so...pivotal. Loved this line in your morbid Scarlett Blossoms ~'My fingers tap the burning wood like heartbeats drumming through the dirt.'Bram Stoker would love this.

    The Pyromaniac was simply chilling (despite the fire), particularly the last line.

  6. Forgot to write this - THANKS for the plug! Your the greatest, buddy.

  7. Oh, wonderful! You've inspired me to write some horror poetry of my own -- why did I never consider that as a subject before? -- so much more interesting than love and flowers. I especially liked the reveal of the unexpected viewpoint in the Little Pyromaniac.

  8. Angel,

    Both great pieces, and in very difficult meters to boot. I just got around to reading that issue of AWR.
    I really think that you're one to watch!

    Lucien E. G. Spelman