Thursday, September 3, 2009

The New Flesh: Grub

I’ve been hiding out the past couple of weeks or so writing up a storm…and it may be paying off.

My flash piece, Grub is up on The New Flesh today. Editor, William Pauley III has created a fantastic site for true affectionados of the horror genre. He’s a very talented horror writer as well. Check out his site and his work.

The New Flesh

Now back into the cave I go...


  1. Wow, thanks so much, Mr. Zapata! I'm glad you are enjoying The New Flesh. TNF is only as good as its stories and I have been very fortunate with the quality of writing that has been submitted to me so far. The limitless talents of all of the contributing authors are the sole reason The New Flesh has been a success. To all of you authors, like yourself, I am very grateful.

    Thanks again, Angel.

    Keep those stories comin'!


  2. you, my georgia pal are severely twisted. i mean that in the best possible way. no more cookies for you. pass the coconuts...

  3. BLECH! I mean...cooool. Made my skin crawl. Bugs will do that.

  4. Sharpened slivers of coconut shells? Your details makes me cringe. This story is uniquely Zapata. Awesome work, buddy.

  5. Okay, THAT one freaked me out! As a former horror 'zine editor, when you freak ME out, you're doing well!