Thursday, September 10, 2009

Laura Eno: Writer Spotlight

My recommended author of the week is the always terrific, Laura Eno. A successful fantasy and romantic fiction writer, she’s recently turned her attention to the darker side of fantasy and horror. “He signed away all rights to the robot zombie doll that same day, but never saw his money. A day later, the cute little robots began receiving their new programming, devouring their unsuspecting owners while they slept.” from Zombies Inc.

Her prose is consistently clean and unencumbered by superfluous words. “Do you remember how Mama begged? Can you see once again the pool of blood as she lay dying?” from Family Reunion.

What’s most impressive about her work is her keen mastery of subtlety and misdirection. “‘I'd like to spend some time with you.’ Paul drew his lips across the back of Amy's hand, watching her shiver in reaction. She would be easy prey tonight.” from Need.

In reference to creating works of flash fiction, and her participation in a weekly “#fridayflash” forum, Laura shares her own personal feelings with us. “At first, #fridayflash seemed like a fun way to connect with a few fellow writers, but it’s become so much more than that to me. As I’ve seen my readership grow and take in the comments left, I realize that I’m making a connection with a much broader audience that enjoys my stories. That’s very gratifying to any writer.” The author continues. “I am the proverbial introverted writer, sitting alone in a room, clacking away at a typewriter. This experience has forced me to push beyond my perceived limits, both in terms of coming up with new stories on a regular basis and forging into the unknown...” from A Conversation with Laura Eno on Mad Utopia.

What hasn’t been mentioned yet is Laura’s generous spirit. She is a constant source of support for many aspiring writers. You can find her words of encouragement and thoughtful critiques posted in dozens of online magazine comment forums and author blogs. She is a genuinely gracious writer and a person who does her best to not only promote her own creations, but the flash fiction community at large.

It’s an honor to write along side her.

Works of interest include:

Zombies Inc. flash fiction published on MicroHorror.

Family Reunion flash fiction published on The New Flesh.

Need flash fiction published on Static Movement.

Finale flash fiction published on author’s blog.

A Conversation with Laura Eno flash fiction published on Mad Utopia.

Visit Laura’s blog to experience “A Shift in Dimensions” and prepare to be taken on a glorious ride:

A Shift in Dimensions


  1. Great Spotlight Angel. Although, my Eno favorite is FADE TO BLACK at Flashes In The Dark.

  2. I'm stunned, at a loss for words (from a writer?). Thank you so much, Angel, for your kind words. I feel especially honored that they come from you, a fantastic writer yourself.
    Excuse me, I have to wipe the tears off my keyboard now...

  3. After I read Laura's #flashfiction, I was inspired to join in the fun! You're right, besides being an awesome writer, she's so generous and encouraging! So, thanks, rock. :-)


  4. I've only recently come to know laura's writing which is smart, sharp and always entertaining. She is everywhere on the online writing scene with words of support and encouragement, advice and insight for her peers. great choice. great writer. great cheerleader!

  5. Such a great post!

    I am a big fan of Laura Eno. She is amazing writer and a fierce friend. Thank you for spotlighting her; she totally deserves it.


  6. Nice spotlight, and great choice. Laura is a terrific writer and a joy to know. Nab her blog for your RSS reader and follow her on Twitter.

  7. I met Laura at Editor's Unleashed. She's so friendly and easy to talk with. Great writer; great person!

  8. I think Laura Eno is the best thing since sliced bread. And if you need some bread sliced she has that FLAMING SWORD OF she can make toast at the same time....

    Thanks for the spotlight Angel.