Monday, June 7, 2010

Flashes in the Dark: Detour

My story, Detour is featured today at one of my favorite horror e-zines, Flashes in the Dark. A slightly different version was originally published in the print publication, Twisted Tongue, Issue 13.

Go and read the latest version here.


  1. Nice story. I've never been able to write flash, so I'm interested in reading it.

  2. If I may double-post my comment: "In hindsight, the ending is obvious; it's just that you hid it so well during the story. Good little flash, Angel."

  3. Sick and messed up. Angel hell is being strapped in a straight suit with all his messed up harpies and zombie monks and psychos with finger belly button rings doing the time warp around you.

    ps. The Ring darling vs Zapata. I'd pay to see that.

  4. Not such an obvious ending, IMO. I expected the other obvious option: going for the ship. Yours is much creepier though, especially because you surprised me. Great flash! :)

  5. Congrats on the story Angel! I'll pop over there tootsweet!

  6. A tiny, tiny story from the horror poet. I'm thinking of running a horror poetry section in my podcast before the main feature. Would you like to submit something, Angel? If so, send it on over to


  7. Tight, tempting and the tenacious wait of a rock dagger awaiting … all fronting the smart smug grin of an Angel who just dug another classic in to get under the skin. Yeah, Rod Serling woulda slung this one … dare I say, “out of this world”?

    Whoops, just said it.
    Kudos Mr Z,
    ~ Absolutely*Kate