Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soft Whispers: Still Life with Rooster

Issue 5 of Soft Whispers has been released. My story, Still Life with Rooster, based on a photo prompt, can be found in its pages. Many thanks to editor, Jim Wisneski.

Download your very own copy here.


  1. Two things, Angel.

    First, a fantastic job on the prompt.

    Second, thanks for the links, found some new authors to admire.


  2. Great detail in this piece, Angel. I found it rather horrifying, maybe some of your best horror yet - real life horror! A honeymoon not quite wrapped up the way she thought it would be:)

  3. totally wild the similarities in our pieces, female voice, ending lines to weird, and that they pub'd the day we met..eerie! Great write!

  4. Angel, I can't seem to get a link to your story??

  5. Working now and glad it did. Great story Angel and like Paul said, some other geat stories too.

  6. "My first night as a wife was spent crying and sweeping sharp feathers from the wood flooring."

    She needs to find a shovel out behind that barn and dig a nice big hole.