Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Panic Press and House of Horror are Kaput

In this here this moment and gone the next publishing world we live in, another horror publisher bites the dust. Editor, Sam E. Cox, the woman behind both Panic Press and House of Horror, has announced on a Facebook thread that, “…no more books will be going on to Amazon. Panic Press and HoH have gone into liquidation. I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do, but everyone who has ordered from me will get their books…”

Sam was recently hospitalized for undisclosed health concerns. Upon her return, she faced a slew of technical problems. “I’ve had issues with both Paypal and Lulu,” she wrote on her Facebook wall, “and my e-mail was hacked. Basically what happened is I got into debt with Paypal spending more than what I had…”

It’s incredibly sad news for all of the supportive readers and the authors in the Panic Press and HoH family. Sam also states, “…of course I will be canceling all the books on Lulu and turning them over to the authors, but can’t until I’m done ordering and sending out books.”

Author and Rainstorm Press editor, Lyle Perez has offered to help. “If Sammi is willing,” he announced on Facebook, “I can take over the anthologies that never saw print and release them with my publishing company, Rainstorm Press. I’d hate to see these anthos not see print because of funding issues.”

Panic Press and House of Horror has been the catalyst for many newbie writers entering the publishing world and its absence will definitely leave a hole in our horror community. Sam has been a wonderfully gracious editor and friend. I wish her all the best.

As most of you know, my book, The Man of Shadows is part of the Panic Press line. I’m not sure what this means for its future availability, but I’m hoping it gets picked up by another publishing house. Only time will tell.

-Angel Zapata

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Putrid Poetry and Sickening Sketches (Volume 2), Available Now!

I'm delighted to say the paperback, Collaboration of the Dead Presents Putrid Poetry & Sickening Sketches (Volume 2), is now available for purchase on Amazon and Createspace.

Product description:
"Poetry and Zombies... Art and the Undead... Terms that may not seem to go together, but after seeing what the living dead poets have placed on these virtual pages with their rotted hands, you just might think again. What you hold in your hands is a fan-freaking-tastic collection of zombie-themed poetry and art some names you probably know as well as some new writers you may not know. Either way, you are in for a treat! Bon appetite! See, it rhymes... Featuring Putrid Poetry by Angel Zapata, Carey Burns, D.G. Sutter, Gerald Rice, Jamal K. Luckett, Jeffrey Angus, Karime Limon, Matt Nord, Michael C. Dick, Mike Mitchell, R.M. Cochran, Rebecca Besser, Reina Sobin, Rich Boorman,Scott Emerson, Suzanne Robb, Trevor Smith, William Cook and William R.D. Wood Featuring Sickening Sketches by Christopher Bonnette, Dennis Bower, Matt Nord, Rich Boorman, Rob Sacchetto, Rodrigo Obon and William Cook, who also offered up to sick cover illustration!"

Editor, Matt Nord has produced a stunning anthology of excellent poetry and absolutely spectacular artwork! If you're a zombie enthusiast, this is the book for you. Plus, you'll get to read my poem, "The Zombie Creed."

Also, be sure to pick up Matt Nord’s Tainted Tales & Rotten Rhymes for your Kindle, only .99 cents!

Product description:
“This anthology is chock full of stories with zombies, cannibals, zombies, killer birds, zombies, homicidal clones, zombies, evil ghosts, zombies, serial killers, zombies, murderous mermaids and, you got it, more zombies! … Oh yeah, and poems…”

Friday, August 5, 2011

Poetry Resurrection: The Immaculate Conceptionally

I’ve recently returned to writing poetry. My goal is to complete a chapbook in the next few weeks or so. I’ve also gone digging in the attic for some of my older work. There was one box up there stuffed with old notebooks, napkins, cereal box tops, and utility bills— all loaded down with my scrawl. This is when I still used pencil, ink, and a Brother typewriter versus the plastic letters of my keyboard. Some of them are unbelievably awful, but there are others that continue to sing. In the next few weeks, I’m thinking I may share some with you. The following small work was written twenty years ago.

The Immaculate Conceptionally

The soft wood,
then a fracture in your dark.
Light footfalls on broken toes;
thickets lean against grassy slivers
of silver moonlit bone.

Soon the thrush
takes flight with the swallow
beneath the gold shelter of skin.
The flurried feathers of thick lashes
thumb and thrust.

Copyright © 1991 Angel Zapata