Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poetry Rewind: oh touch me you fool

Digging out some old pieces of mine that were published in printed journals, pre-internet submissions. This 4-line poem was accepted for issue #81 of The Lilliput Review back in 1996.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Inevitable at One Forty Fiction

Proud to say, One Forty Fiction has published another one of my micro stories, The Inevitable. If you haven't spent any time on their site lately, do so. You can read a dozen stories in about 5 mins.

Submissions are open and guidelines can be found here.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Weather-Plagued at Necon e-Books

I'm happy to report my story, Weather-Plagued, received an honorable mention at Necon e-Books for their monthly flash fiction contest. It will also be included in their year-end anthology. You can read my story, all the other winning and honorable mentions, and view guidelines here.

They are now accepting submissions for their May contest. The theme is "A Recipe for Horror (Food and Drink)." Per their web page, "This is purposefully another very broad topic — your story must simply center somehow around food or drink (eating, cooking, restaurants, vineyards, distilleries, gardens, grocery shopping, etc.). However, a word of warning in advance — much like the culinary arts, our judges are going to favor "gourmet creativity" over "fast food convenience" when it comes to this theme. In other words, if you take an obvious approach to link food to horror (like cannibalism or zombies eating brains), you better knock our socks off! After all, we published a novel about gourmet canibals (THE EPICURE by Holly Newstein & Ralph W. Bieber, available HERE and also as part of our HAUTALA/NEWSTEIN BUNDLE), so the bar's already been set extremely high! Our standard 100 word count limit applies."

Friday, May 10, 2013

Living the Hero Dream at The Story Shack

Devlin was one of thirty-two people who answered the newspaper ad for Superhumans— with REAL powers only— wanted for secret society squadron. My superhero story, Living the Hero Dream, is live at The Story Shack.

My sincere thanks to editor, Martin Hooijmans for publishing it, and to illustrator, James Brown for bringing my characters to life.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The eBook for 10 Days of Madness is now available!

Chris Allinotte has released the 10 Days of Madness anthology.

Book description:

The Madness is Back!

The third annual "Days of Madness" short story anthology is back with twenty new short-short tales that explore the extremes of the human condition, and beyond!

Ride shotgun with a distraught father as he floors it down the highway in pursuit of justice.

Answer the "Babysitters wanted" ad in your local paper, but be ready for the game of your life.

When frogs scream like crickets and mermaids become reality, you've in for a wild ride through ten days of madness.

Features new stories from the pens of Richard Godwin, Benjamin Sobieck, Anthony Cowin, Angel Zapata, J.J. Steinfeld, L.W. Salinas, Matthew Wilson, Jack Horne, Donald J. Uitvlugt, and Chris Allinotte.

Purchase it here.