Thursday, November 7, 2013

FREE for your Kindle— Flames of Quiet Light: Thirteen Tiny Tales of Love and Loss

My latest collection, “Flames of Quiet Light: Thirteen Tiny Tales of Love and Loss,” is free for your Kindle until November 10, 2013. Go on and get a copy.

Yours and Mine at Popcorn Horror

In early 2014, I’ll be releasing a horror short story collection titled, “Grim and Grisly Shades of Red.” It will contain thirty short tales of horror and suspense (some of which were originally part of The Man of Shadows series).

The awesome folk out at Popcorn Horror will be featuring one of the included stories every Thursday for the next five weeks. Today’s story is “Yours and Mine.”

The Popcorn Horror website is a horror lover’s dream. They showcase tons of short independent horror films, art, reviews, fiction, and other beautiful nightmares. Follow them on Twitter. Like them on Facebook. Invade their website like you’re a body snatcher. Show ‘em some love, people.

Sincere thank goes to Cara out at PH. I’m so glad you stumbled upon my work, by chance, over at MicroHorror. You rock!