Monday, March 17, 2014

Chris Allinotte's "DAYS OF MADNESS" has begun!

Chris Allinotte’s “DAYS OF MADNESS” is in full swing. This year’s fiction theme is “Hidden Horrors.” As Chris detailed on his blog site, “While the overall theme of ‘Days of Madness’ is, and always will be, psychological horror stories, this year, I'm looking for secrets and mysteries.”

Over the next ten days, ten authors take on this theme and offer you their own unique interpretations. My story kicked off the event. C’mon and celebrate the madness with us.

Day 1: The Arrow Appears Ahead of the Hunter, by Angel Zapata

Day 2: The Other Side of Lucy-Lou, by Erin Cole

Day 3: Honey Trapp, by Absolutely*Kate

Day 4: Perfectly Indifferent, by Benjamin Sobieck

Day 5: Lifting the Veil, by Park Cooper and Barb Lien

Day 6: The Talking Hand, by William Davoll

Day 7: Five Hundred and Twenty-six Sugar Pills, by Mav Skye

Day 8: The Embalmer, by R.S. Bohn

Day 9: Feet, by Chris Allinotte

Day 10: Cupboard Full of Knives, by Richard Godwin