Friday, June 12, 2015

Free horrors all weekend long!

Son of the Exorcist: A Roddy Sanchez Crime Thriller

It’s Halloween night. Rodrigo “Roddy” Sanchez is released from prison after twelve long years. During his incarceration, his mother— a local exorcist— disappeared and is believed to be dead. Roddy boards a bus back to the old neighborhood. One way or another he’s going to find out what happened to her. Armed with two daggers and a bad attitude, Roddy is following the mysterious trail of notes left behind for him. He feels sorry for the poor bastards who get in his way.

Grim and Grisly Shades of Red: Twenty-Eight Short Stories of Horror and Suspense

Loraine’s daughter, Eva, is found murdered, mutilated; and the only person that can help her avenge the young woman’s death is an old witch who uses a victim’s bones to track down the killer in “The Hired Hand.”

“The Bridge” pits the superstitious and neurotically-challenged, Benson against the very real presence of a modern-day troll.

“Mad Dash” is in a hurry to get away from his crazy date, but she has no intention of leaving… ever.

Lady Red and her hirsute companion, Clawbear, are seeking revenge in the fairytale “Grim and Grisly Shades of Red.” The monster that killed her grandma has now abducted some of the village children and taken them deep into the woods.

The Sunshine Harvest Food Bank is having another “Food Drive” at the homeless shelter. Ex-vet, Don is doing his best to convince his buddy, Max Borden, that the women of the Community Senior Center who sponsor the drive aren’t human...

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