Monday, June 8, 2009

Jay Holmes: Writer Spotlight

My recommended author of the week is the multifaceted and sharp-witted writer, Jay Holmes. His work rips away the veil of pretense and valiantly kicks down the door of every societal taboo. “My son is playing with a retarded kid but my son is too young to realize the kid is retarded…” from 8 Thousand Dollar Tits.

He’s equally proficient when utilizing irreverent humor from the delighted observations of a loving Dad. “It wasn't my intention to buy a package of Oreo Cookies but I felt I couldn't just put them back on the shelf after he (the Author’s son, Jake) rubbed his nuts all over them. When I was walking down the milk aisle somebody came up to me and said ‘so your son really likes Oreos I see…” from Cookies.

His blog site is aptly named “jayonguitar’s posterous.” And although it’s easy to hear and picture the vibrant intonation of his soulful music, I can’t say enough about how sweet his words taste on the page.

Works of interest include:

McDonald’s Ball Pit
flash fiction published on The New Absurdist:

8 Thousand Dollar Tits
flash fiction work published on 13 Stitches:

Backwards Fairy Tale
flash fiction work published on Six Sentences:

flash fiction work published on the Author’s blog:

Visit Jay’s blog for daily ramblings, new posted works, and other relevant links:


  1. Zapata has Jay pegged.
    Jay treads were most don’t or simply won’t. I believe this is the difference between a good writer and a great writer. It’s always a roll of the dice, but Jay isn’t one to let risk hold him back.


  2. Goo call. I've been checking out Jay's blog today. Some gems there.

  3. an excellent writer who knows how to leave JUST the right amount to the imagination. most of his writes take you on a romp you never would have gone alone, but cant wait to go again... and again ...and again

  4. 13 claps of reverence. Jay knows the meaning of understatement. It's inspired.

  5. Equipped to deliver fantastically dark, clever, and comical stories, often meshed together, Jay’s rare and varied writing perseveres, entertains, and absorbs readers from all sects. Cheers to you.

  6. But I really like that he likes Clapton too.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    who knows Jason Garret Holmes is indeed first rate and all the good stuff all the good'folks up above said as well as Angel the Incisive'One, Zapata well . . . that's understood. To read Jay is to taste how words have rough textured flavour, but go down in a new-delicious.