Monday, March 29, 2010

Grand Prize Winner at Not From Here, Are You?

My story, The Careful Seal of Her Song was selected as the Spring has Sprung grand prize winner over at Michael Solender’s happening spot, Not From Here, Are You?

Not From Here, Are You? The Careful Seal of Her Song

Besides the privilege of publication, I was also given the opportunity to sit down with his neighbor’s dog, MacDuff for a most delightfully irreverent interview.

Many thanks to Michael and MacDuff.


  1. Great interview, Angel. Hilarious and informative. Your story was brilliant. Congrats again.

  2. Well done, Angel! Great story and great interview with MacDuff (and having been a dog catcher, I know a good dog yarn or two).

  3. Great story and fascinating interview - enjoyed both! Congrats...

  4. MacDuff has left a little something for you and asked me to get it to you. Ah.. It won't travel real well, so I'll just give it a flush.

    Thanks for sitting down with the furry little creature and especially for playing along!

    It is always a pleasure to have your work class up the joint at the NOT.

  5. Perfect, perfect, perfect! I loved it all.

  6. Great story Angel. You have a wonderful way of using your imagery. Congrats on the win!

    Thanks for sharing!! Wonderful!

    happy writing

  7. Way to break away from the pack! Congrats on your excellent I must go nab my Ho-Ho from my cute, little bitch.

  8. A poetic and beautiful piece of flash, Angel...

  9. Yo yo wassup Winna? I left you comment on Mike's site. The story was haunting, the interview loopy, pretty much what I'd expect from a twisted Angel Pumpkin King.