Thursday, July 9, 2009

Erin Cole: Writer Spotlight

My recommended author of the week is Portland, Oregon’s very own, Erin Cole. Her work passionately entwines the quiet light of a prophetic voice with the fury of a wounded soul. “Embark through the shaded jungle, lunacy beware, for the wolf journeys on the writer’s unrest.” from Pursuit of the Writer.

She’s able to amuse us with the fundamental nature of her craft. “I play with words, and though I may not assemble them with eloquence and clarity as often as I try, they do infuse my world with vibrant color and meaning.” from My Guru. Then, just as easily, she reveals a significantly divine truth. “I reflect on the concept of an inner compass, some spiritual atlas that gives one drive and direction…” from My Compass.

Thankfully, Erin is gracious enough to share her writing philosophy with us. “For me, writing is a medium to explore the multitude of interests, beliefs, emotions, visions, and other facets I seek to discover and create to make sense of my world.” from Writing.

Erin Cole’s writing seeks out the scars we hide and mercifully declares them beautiful.

Works of interest include:

Unspoken Bonds
a powerful short story of familial relationships published on Helium:

Who I Am Is Where I Came
flash fiction published on 13 Stitches:

My Guru
flash fiction work published on Six Sentences:

eloquent prose on the craft of writing published on Six Sentences:

Pursuit of the Writer
poem published on the Author’s blog:

Visit Erin’s blog to “Listen to the Voices” and discover other relevant epiphanies:


  1. not only are all of the above accolades true, but she is a babe on top of it all...

  2. I always enjoy Erin's writing. She has a way of pulling poetry from the darkest of places.

  3. Erin's words frame emotions and thoughts more Poignantly than than they appear in even my own mind. She makes the darkness beautiful.

  4. When I first read Erin's work over at six sentences I imedaitely knew she had the gift. The list of writers that make me feel something is very short, Erin is one of those few on my list.


  5. It doesn’t matter what Erin writes, I know I can expect two things, clarity of thought and intensity of situation. Her work continues to amaze me and inspires me to take my work up a notch just to keep up. On top of all this, she’s flat out a great person. So glad I know you, Erin. I have no doubt that we'll be seeing you at the top.


  6. All the above comments say all you need to know. A top-shelf writer and someone who really knows what she wants to acheive. Another piece of hers that I would recommend is My Compass. Find it at